Strategic moves

Written tests, oral exams, projects, homework, and recitation had been part of education in the life of both the teacher and student. All forms of assessment have greatly influenced my learning. It pushes me to read, research, memorize, analyze, solve, and think to answers the tests correctly. In my early years, I consider tests as simply compliance to pass the subject but as I matured, I realized that it is not simply for grading purposes but also utilized to improve teaching and learning. Assessment no matter how it is crafted has its lying objective which is to transfer knowledge to learners. chess

Tests vitalize student to be prepared by browsing and reviewing the book or notes. As a teacher and a learner, I consider assessments as a battle of mind in which both players have to  be strategic to win the fight. It may have negative, devastating, and undermining effects to some students but assessment is inevitable that a learner should work on to avoid these depressing results. Teachers are called for to think of tests that will improve, encourage, and reinforce learners to enable a fun and more exciting journey of learning.


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