The need to assess every student cannot be denied and I as a learner want to be assessed. It supports the student to improve learning and certify that learning has occurred. Thus, it is necessary to effectively design an assessment that would be able to distinguish excellent, good, and poor levels of achievement. Preparing an effective assessment requires careful planning and must consider the proper approach in order to serve its purpose to support learning.


The learning objectives, the type of assessments to be used, and the instructional activities must be inter related in order to arrive an effective assessment otherwise, misalignment would occur. When my elementary English teacher asks our class to watch movie, then afterward call us one by one to give the gist of the story, defeat its purpose to learn vocabulary. Our class needs to learn synonyms antonyms but it differ from what is being called for by the assessment. Assessment method must be chosen and be fundamentally based on what is most appropriate for the purpose of the assessment and the learning objectives that are to be assessed. A teacher needs not to choose a method that he/she just simply likes, or that it is easy to mark. The goal to improve and develop the learning of students must be given major consideration in crafting an effective assessment.
A systematic approach is needed for effective assessment design encompassing a planning phase, a ‘doing’ phase (what the students and academics are required to complete), followed by an evaluation and enhancement phase (reviewing and improving).

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