What are grades for?

To aim for high grades is not bad but to become obsessive with it sometimes leads to untoward incident. There are students who get hooked on studying finding themselves unprepared of not hitting the bull’s eye for the highest score. It often results to frustrations which has a terrible effect to behavior and character of students. There is no real learning if the goal is merely to achieve the high grades. 100g

Author Stefanie Weisman wrapped the purpose of high score and said, “As you work to become a better student, remember that learning is far more important than the numbers on your transcript. I know it can be hard sometimes to remember what you’re in school for. In some places, students go crazy over a tenth of a point – but this is an unhealthy and unsustainable way to manage your education. The real reason you’re in school is to grow as a person and fulfill your potential.”

High grades must be a motivational factor to achieve the real purpose of learning. A shining star that will guide the student to nurture the mind, develop skill, and enhance the ability to succeed.


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