“One peso for every perfect test.” This is the motivational line I remembered from my father when I was in grade 1. At early stagebabygirlstudying of my studies, I already consider grades as important as one peso. That I need to work for a perfect score to have additional ‘baon’ in which I really enjoyed. As my time flew in school, I have this notion that grades really matter to students, teachers, and in the class. 
Grades motivate me to aim for high score and avoid failing grade. It helps me to develop a growing and persistent interest to the subject and study for the exam. This keeps me in the right pace to engaged in studying and be surprised with the grades. Excitement breathes in as I am wandering to which group I would belong – good, best, or poor student.
Grades add color and flavor in my learning that makes it fun. Every tests or assessments which helps improve my learning are grades that evaluate my performance. Grades do not measure true intelligence, but I believed it contributes on how a student would perform in every assessment. Grading is still a powerful tool for effective learning and assessment. It yields rich information to enhance a well crafted teaching and learning strategies. An important and indispensable element that makes every subject worth learning.  



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